Homegrown Hotrods


Kev Foster's '46 Chevy truck sports a new custom chassis, suspension set up and a 502 cu in Chevy crate motor. We are able to turn our hand to most projects, not just traditional Ford hot rods. The 1927 T was built using an original body on a totally modified 1932 frame with 40s Ford front axle and brakes. The rear end has an inboard mounted rear spring to match the front and a V8 Halibrand rear on HGHR ladderbars. The 1932 grill shell was sectioned, bonnet and sides were hand made with clearance bulges in the sides. The body was pulled, pinched and modified to fit the curves of a 1932 frame. Jeremy Hoye, the owner, then took the car home, stripped it, painted it and put it back together in time for its debut at the 2004 Goodwood Festival of Speed.